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Each cartoon roles have their own features, as it is the 12 constellations, and which cartoons characters behalf your constellation?

Magic cartoon iphone shells connects the cartoon characters and 12 constellations together! ~

I.                   Aries, behalf cartoon iphone shells: Donald Duck

Characters: clever, impatient, lively, passionate, energetic, and easily impulsed.

II.               Taurus, behalf cartoon iphone shells: Garfield

  Characters: endurance, patient, loving snacks, and can not control his weight.

III.               Gemini, behalf cartoon iphone shells:Sakura Momoko.

Characters: smart, witty, strong curiosity for everything, and having the newest and fashion ideas towards the life.

IV.              Cancer: behalf cartoon iphone shells: Snoopy

 Characters: moody, emotional, homesick, and sensitive intuition.

V.                  Leo: behalf cartoon iphone shells: Tin Tin

Characters: Ideal, optimism, has a passion to life and work, gentlman, risky, persistence

VI.              Virgo: behalf cartoon iphone shells: Conan

Characters: Dominant on relationships, has a talent gift on detective; favoring the studying, careful.

VII.             Libra: behalf cartoon iphone shells: the smurfs

   Characters: friendly, considerate, loving, social, and sometime a little treacherous.

VIII. Scorpio: behalf cartoon iphone shells: Mashimaro

Characters: outside soft but inside firms, enjoy the dishes, like the exciting things, calm, and scheming.

VIII.            Sagittarius: behalf cartoon iphone shells: Hanamichi Sakuragi

   Characters: optimism, lovely and active, enjoys the risk, like the challenge in the life.

I.                    Capricorn: behalf cartoon iphone shells: Crayon Shin-chan

Characters: surprised, humor, subjective, smart and clever.

II.                 Aquarius cartoon iphone shells: Dora A Dream

Characters: calm, considerate, creative, lateral thinking.

III.               Pisces: cartoon iphone shells:Hello Kitty

Characters: imaginative, soft, soft-hearted…